Subscription Codes for our Online Test Preparation Resource

If you have purchased a subscription code from this website, you will have received an email confirmation with the code listed within. You now need to redeem the voucher on our online learning portal. The code you have purchased is for a duration only, not a specific test.

In order to redeem your code please follow the instructions below:

  • Go to and register an account.
  • Sign in with your account details
  • On the homepage select the 'Home' icon
  • Select 'Subscriptions' from the list provided
  • Click on the 'Redeem Voucher' button
  • Enter the 12 character code you received in your email confirmation from the DTT Store, click OK
  • Select the test you wish to revise on; Car, Motorcycle, Truck or Bus
  • You can now begin your revision for the period that you have purchased the subscription for.
If you have any further questions or difficulties with this service please contact us by email:

Quote from a Happy Customer!
"I used the 1 week subscription on '' and by reading through all the sections and doing a few mock official style tests I got 40/40 in my theory test. I am delighted that I used this service and I cannot wait to finally be legal on the road driving a tractor!! Thanking you!"